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Equipment and services Name
Detection, Testing and Inspection of Safety Instrument and Equipment
Detection Instrument and Equipment of Water Damage of Coal Mine
Detection Technology of Water Damage of Coal Mine
Prediction and Managing Technology of Fast Plugging for Hidden Karst Collapsing Column
Engineering and Technology of Water Damage Prevention of Coal Mine
Integrated Automatic Monitoring and Early Warning Technique of Slot Stability
Assessment of Stability of the Construction on the Surface of Goaf and Application Technology
Mine Safety Assessing Technology
Roadway Geological Disaster Managing Technology and Special Project
Wireless Monitoring and Warning Technology of Surrounding Rock Dynamic Disaster
Dynamic Wireless Monitoring and Analysis System of Mine Potential Safety Hazard
Use and Landslide Control of Open-Pit Mine
Remote Monitoring and Survey Equipment and Early Warning Technology of Open Pit Slope
Intelligent Analysis Technique of Mine Ventilation
Technology and Equipment of Ventilation of Tunnel、Metro and Prevention and Management of Gas and Fire
Comprehensive Treatment Technology of Coal Gangue Dump
Spontaneous Combustion and Technology of Comprehensive Prevention and Management of Coal Seam
Coal Mine (Ground) Pressuring Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator
Mine-Used Mobile Membrane Separation Nitrogen Making Device
Coal Mine Rescue Relief Technique and Equipment
Mine-Used Equipment of Fire-proof and Extinguishment
Mine-Used Infrared Remote Controller
Mine-Used Intrinsically Safe Data Optical Transmitter and Receiver
Signal Arrester
KJT-2A Transmission Interface
Combination Switch and Switch Tank, etc.
Mine-Used Lighting, Miner’s Light and etc.
Series of Mine-Used Flameproof and Intrinsically Safe Grading Lockout Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter
Video Camera, Camera、Telemeter etc.
Card Reader、Card Identification etc.
Power-Off Monitor
On-Off Sensor
Speed Sensor
Flow Sensor
Liquid Level、Water Level Sensor
Air Speed Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor
CO Sensor
Smog Sensor
Methane Sensor、Measurer、Gas Alarm Instrument etc.
Mine-Used Wireless Communication Device of Disaster Relief
Multi-Functional Simulated Training and Testing System of Disaster Relief
Mine-Used Refuge Cabin for Emergency
Air Respirator
Rescue Command System of Coal Mine
Coal Hardness Coefficient (f Value) Measuring Equipment
Gas Content Direct Measuring Equipment
Mine-Used DC Stabilized Power Supply
Mine-Used Explosion-proof Motor-Driven Box
Mine-Used Double Screw Type Injection Pump
Mine-Used Mobile Fireproofing and Extinguishing Equipment
Mine-Used Explosion-proof Change-Over Switch
Mine-Used Motor Drilling Machine with Column
Mine-Used Intrinsically Safe Water Pipe Sensor
Mine-Used Oxygen Sensor
Liquid Flow Sensor
Multi-Parameter Sensor of Gas Drainage
Parameter Measuring Equipment of Gas Pipeline
Prediction Equipment of Outburst
Gas Outburst Parameter Equipment
Mine-Used Movable Gas Drainage Pump Station
Dust-fall and Dust-Proof Equipment and Instrument
New Type Detector of Outburst Prevention and (YTR(D)) Explosion-Proof Rayleigh Wave Detector
Gas and Coal-Dust Explosion Testing Technology
Complete Equipment and Technology of Directional Drilling Horizontal Long Hole and MWD
Gas Drainage Technology Using Large-Diameter Horizontal Long Hole in Roof of Coal Mine
Comprehensive Management of Coal Petrology and Carbon Dioxide
Outburst Prevention and Corollary Equipment of Mechanizing Mining Face
Technology of Long Hole Control Blasting to Prevent Gas Outburst
Technology and Equipment of Fast Exposing Coal Gate in Outburst Coal Seam
Technology of Coal Seam Gas Pre-Drainage Using Directional Long Hole
Technology and Equipment of Exploiting Underground CBM
Mine-Used Explosion-Proof and Explosion-Isolation Ventilators
The Regularity and Characteristics of Gas Emission for Fully Mechanized Caving Mining Face
Technology and Equipment of Directly Measuring Gas Content
Methods of Predicting Sensitive Index and Determining Critical Value of Gas Outburst of Working Face
Controlled Presplit Blasting Technique(Pressure Discharge) with Deep Hole
Predicting Technology of Dynamic Emission and Outburst of the Gas of Heading Face
Personnel Positioning and Attendance Management System for Underground Coal Mine
Elevator Monitoring Equipment
Mine-Used Monitoring and Protection Device for Diesel Locomotive
Mine-Used Explosion-Isolation and I.S. Frequency-Converter for AC Motor
Mine-Used Explosion-Isolation and I.S. Magnetic Starter for Motor
Mine-Used I.S. Industrial Computer
Mine-Used Explosion-Isolation Data Switches for Industrial Ethernet
Roof Dynamic Monitoring System
Monitoring and Control Substation of Underground Coal Mine
Low Voltage Power Supply System and Equipment for Underground Coal Mine
Power Supply Monitoring Control System of Coal Mine
Vehicle Collision Avoidance Scheduling Management System of Open-Pit Mine
Automatic Truck Dispatching System of Open Pit Mine
Mine-Used Wire/Wireless Dispatching Communication System
Control System of Water Pump of Coal Mine
Wireless Communication System for Coal Mine
Centralized Control System of Belt Conveyor
Beam Tube Monitoring System of Mine Fire
Online Monitoring and Control System of Ventilator
Automatic Monitoring and Control System of Gas Drainage and Application
Optic Fiber Industrial Television System
Comprehensive Communication System of Coal Mine
Small and Medium Sized Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control Equipment
Digital Management System Integration and Application to Coal Mine
Comprehensive Automatic System of Entire Coal Mine
Comprehensive Monitoring and Control System of Coal Mine

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