BHEC contracted 4.0 Mt/a coal indirect liquefaction project of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Company was smoothly put into operation
On December 28, 2016, the world's largest invested 4.0 Mt/a single coal indirect liquefaction project, belonging to Shenhua Ningxia Coal Company, after over 10 years of technical research and 39 months of construction, was officially put into operation. The project carries 37 major national localization tasks of technology, equipment and materials, along with large-scale, high investment, process complexity, technology innovation and more features.

    Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook the unit work of the project - coal storage and transportation facility design and equipment procurement (EP contract). The coal storage and transportation facility is the project's important part, with principles of "Sufficient coal amount supply and guaranteed coal blending quality" and "Raw coal and fuel coal comprehensive utilization", it aims the completion of coal unloading, storage, distribution, homogenization and transportation, to solve the problems of scattered source coal, coal diversification and coal volatility. Combined with the raw coal and fuel coal quality requirements of factory gasification and boiler equipment, three respective steps of coal storage, distribution and transportation are conducted to achieve homogeneous coal quality, to meet the internal demand of homogeneous, stable and continuous coal supply, and furthermore to satisfy the basic requirements of project running capacity of 8000 h/a.

     The coal storage and transportation unit occupies an area of 17.314 hm2, which is the largest unit in the whole coal indirect liquefaction project. There are 6 round material yards of 90 m diameter, which can secure coal source for coal oil production. 19.376 Mt/a of raw coal is also to be supplied to the gasification plant, and 5.1015 Mt/a of fuel coal is to be supplied to the power station.

     The project owner has high requirements of engineering and construction which are in accordance with petrochemical and power industry standard. BHEC attached great importance to the project, and the company leader has visited the project scene in-depth for several times, in order to highly communicate and coordinate with the owner. BHEC also invited the owner to BHEC to better understand the owner's intention and eventually successfully complete the design and procurement task according to related standards.

     For the project, the key is to ensure coal quality stability, and BHEC set up a special research team on the development of digital coal storage and distribution expert system, which accessed to patented technology and ensured the coal quality requirements.

     Recently China president Xi Jinping made an important instruction to the completion of Shenhua Ningxia Coal-to-oil demonstration project on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, warmly congratulated the project construction and operation, and expressed sincere greetings to the scientific and technological personnel, cadres and workers. CCTV news, Xinhua net, CDC net, Sina net and other media have carried out special reports of the project.
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